Monday, June 2, 2014

Sci Fi City at Night

Revisited an old sketch and decided to push it to a matte finish.


Anonymous said...

that's cool dude

Anonymous said...

that's cool dude

Naomi Chelsea said...

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"There's no real objection to escapism,in the right places...We all want to escape occasionally.But science fiction is often very far from escapism,in fact you might say that science fiction is escape into reality...It's a fiction which does concern itself with real issues: the origin of man; our future.In fact I can't think of any form of literature which is more concerned with real issues,reality."-Arthur C Clarke.

@Jessica Glenn.

Twist man W said...

I would like to introduce myself .
My name is Karan Wongprakarnsanti .
I saw one image from your concept art (Sci fi city at night)
and I like it so much.

I would like to used one pic for making the scifi shortfilm.
If you permission , I feel happy and thankfulness so much.


Karan Wongprakarnsanti